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Judging by the growth of portfolio companies in the previous year and taking into account rapid development of fintech and blockchain
markets we are planning on getting 460% per annum income for all of our investors.

Invest in startups. Enjoy the ride.


Invest in companies

Invest in the startups you believe in, 
while potentially growing your wealth


Built by experts

Indiegogo has helped thousands of companies 
raise over a billion dollars in perks campaigns.


Access investment opportunities

Investment opportunities are now open 
to anyone and everyone.

XchangeBTC is currently reviewing more than 30 rapidly growing fintech and blockchain projects on Seed and A/B rounds, any of which might be invested in near future. Then the startups will grow exponentially, and after some time they will be sold to further investors and strategic buyers. Eventually the fund will be fully realized, and its investors will get their cash back gaining 5х – 10х more, and the world will see new worthy IT companies.


You invest in XchangeBTC


The fund selects the best projects and buys 
shares in them (no less than 13 projects will be invested).


We help all of our teams to grow exponentially,
increase their revenues and their value in 
the eyes of clients


When our portfolio projects grow to be huge
and expensive companies, we sell our shares and 
earn way more money than we invested in the first place


After each startup sale the fund gives you 
all of your money back together with profit.

Why XchangeBTC?

  • Our team of experts makes good money on venture market. Now anyone can do the same with the help of XchangeBTC
  • We help startups building great companies providing them with smart money management, connections and helping them with day-to-day affairs
  • If you want to invest in a classic fund, you need to have at least $100k. In a blockchain fund anyone who has at least 300$ can become an investor
  • XchangeBTC allows you to sell your tokens and lock in your profits at any time, unlike any other classic venture fund, where you would have to wait 3-4 years

Profits from the fund’s tokens

XchangeBTC will be able to select the best projects for investments with the help of the market’s experts, careful analysts’ work and different technical systems. We easily detect scams, unprofitable projects and startups without clear development strategy. We invest only in promising and reliable ICO projects. The fund’s strategy allows diversification of investments based on three different principals and ensures high profits with reasonable risks for all of the investors. Now you can invest in the fund through exchanges

XchangeBTC’s investment focus

  • Authentication technologies
  • Mobile (MPOS) acquiring and e-commerce (online acquiring)
  • Application Programming Interfaces (API) for banks 
  • Virtual Banking (online banking and mobile applications)
  • Big data and online scoring
  • E-wallets and cryptocurrency payments
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Technologies for exchange markets
  • Contactless technologies for e-wallets.
  • Blockchain technologies
  • Internet of Things (IoT) and offline-to-online (о2о)
  • PFM services
  • Chat bots for banks and robo-advisors
  • Other products and services for financial area
  • Distributed ledger and smart contracts
  • New technologies for traditional finances
  • RegTech. Technologies for risk management, payments control and regulators relations.
  • Other products and services for financial area

XchangeBTC already has several great investment deals at the point of signing. We currently monitor more than 130 projects, some of which will eventually get funding and bring us high profits.

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